Become Validated by WikiCharities!


Step 1

Claim Your Nonprofit

Show you are an active, working nonprofit in your community. 

Claim your profile page and become searchable on our map by name, location, and topic. All nonprofits receive a Profile Page where they can list their contact information, social media links, areas of focus, and locations of where they work.

see example

Step 2

Premium Subscription

We make it easy for your nonprofit to maintain an online presence, with UpToDate information. 

By adding our premium subscription to your profile page, you can list financial information, impact reports, leadership, board members, obtain a donation link, and more. 

A place where nonprofits can upload information to share with foundations, funders, volunteers, and anyone interested in learning more about their nonprofit.

Step 3

Apply for Validation

Once all information is completed on the Profile Page, a nonprofit can apply for a validation. 

Our validation assessment will be based on open transparency with all information.

Validated nonprofits will soon have the ability to endorse other nonprofits and raise funds by posting projects. Increase transparency and improve trust in the community. 

Pricing and Benefits

Nonprofits can obtain a free profile page where they can update basic contact information, link social media platforms, and become searchable by location and topic.  A premium subscription offers additional features that will bring more transparency. 

Claim  Page

Premium Subscription 

Cost for Small Nonprofits   < $1 million annual revenueFree$99 / year
Cost for Large Nonprofits   > $1 million annual revenueFree$199 / year


Profile Page with Custom URL
Unique Google pin on WikiCharities Map
Searchable on WikiCharities Map by Topic / Keyword / Areas of Focus
Upload your Logo + Cover Image
Update your Contact Information
Link your WikiCharities Page to your website -OR- use your WikiCharities Page as your main website
Project Funding tools / post Collaborative Projects for fundraising
Endorse other nonprofits / flag concerns
Use the WikiCharities Seal of Validation on your website and social media

More Information for Transparency on Profile Page

Link to your Social Media platforms
Link to your Donation platforms
List your Leadership Team
List your Board Members
Identify your Partners, such as other Nonprofits, Community Groups, Coalitions, Collaboratives and Corporations
Upload Financial Reports / 990 Forms
List your Top Funders
Post annual impact reports -OR- create a report using our templates  

Key Areas of Validation


Contact / Topics

Make public your contact information and IRS 501c3 approval letter, identify where you work and describe the communities you serve. 

Identify keywords, topics and areas of focus that will make your nonprofit searchable on the WikiCharities map. Promote your website and social media platforms. 


Philosophy & Approach

Promote your mission & vision statements, short-term and long-term goals and elevator speech. Showcase information about volunteer programs, partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Assess your organization with the S.W.O.T. analysis and highlight your leadership team and board members.


Financial Health

Share your most recent 990 report. Provide transparency with annual salaries, revenue and income. Share annual financial statements and short-term / long-term financial goals. Showcase the different ways your funding is obtained and top funders. 

Provide links to your donation websites to promote funding.



Share your latest annual report. Don't have one? We can help you create one! Tell your story through words, imagery and video.

Show accountability by describing your successes, challenges and improvements from the past year. Illustrate outcomes though the impact made by partnering with other nonprofits, community groups and companies.