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What does it mean to be validated?

A validation shows that an independent source has reviewed a nonprofit's organization and verifies that they are transparent and accountable. 

WikiCharities wants to show all verifications, ratings, and certifications in one place to improve transparency and trust in the nonprofit sector.

Who vetted or validated your organization?

1- WikiCharities aims to show what vetting and rating organizations have verified and/or certified a nonprofit in one place.  We help nonprofit organizations show their accountability and transparency by providing nonprofits with a Charity Profile Page, where links to these vetting/rating organizations will be easily accessible. 

2-  WikiCharities will provide a validation for nonprofits within the United States and throughout the world.  Validated nonprofits have full access to WikiCharities tools to connect and collaborate with other nonprofits in their field. 

Validating Nonprofits for Company Giving

WikiCharities encourages corporations and foundations to have their nonprofits validated prior to their support.  A WikiCharities validation promotes collaboration between nonprofits and groups within their field.  Research shows that when nonprofits increase collaboration, their outcomes improve.