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Community Initiative

We currently focus on U.S. based nonprofits working around the world.  We are looking for a few communities to participate in our community initiative this coming year.  We encourage community leaders, foundations, and coalitions to focus on getting all nonprofits in their community active on WikiCharities.  This includes having nonprofits claim their profile page, become validated, and then start posting collaborative projects on our platform to get funded.  Contact us and let us know if you're interested.

What are the benefits in getting your community involved? 



See the Gaps

What Gaps Exist in your Community?

Once all nonprofits are listed and active on WikiCharities within a community, you can assess what gaps exist on resources being offered. 

  • What types of nonprofits are you missing in your community? 
  • Does your community have enough homeless shelters, food banks, etc?
  • Are there rape recovery centers? 
  • How many nonprofits are focused on prevention? 
  • Do you have enough aftercare services to help survivors of human trafficking?


Find Services Faster

Nonprofits Searchable by Topic

Help the people within your community find services and resources by topic in your community. All nonprofits can be searchable by topics on our map once they claim their WikiCharities page and add focus topics to their profile. This allows those in need, law enforcement, community leaders, and other nonprofits to find resources and services fasters and more effectively. 


Improve Trust

Become Validated by WikiCharities

Nonprofits will have the opportunity to show their accountability and improve trust by becoming WikiCharities validated.  By becoming validated, nonprofits can connect social media platforms, post financial records, list key leaders, create annual impact reports, post potential projects to be funded, and more. 


Increase Funding

Bring More Funding to your Community

Once all nonprofits are validated in a community, WikiCharities will help fund collaborative projects within the community.  A portion of the annual validation fee will be used in community projects once a significant percentage of nonprofits are active on WikiCharities.