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What is WikiCharities?

Our Mission

Our current project as an organization is the development of WikiCharities! 

The mission of WikiCharities is to provide a place where quality charities:

  1. are searchable by location and topic
  2. show accountability, and
  3. increase collaboration in order to more effectively improve the world.
Better Connections.
Transparent Validations.
Improving Collaboratoins.

We benefit the world.

We are excited to develop this online platform to improve the nonprofit sector globally.  We are looking for global partners who care about making a difference.

  • We provide a better way to connect with nonprofits. 
  • We provide a one-stop place to show your accountability and transparency. 
  • We provide a place to collaborate with other nonprofits throughout the world.

Funding is our current focus.

WikiCharities is an online portal to catalog charities and nonprofits, as well as a forum for charities and nonprofits to collaborate.

We are a global organization.

Through, nonprofits are searchable by topic and location. All vetting organizations are listed in one place, and a collaborative tool is in the works for Phase II, to outlay, discuss and improve outcomes.

WikiCharities Project Phases


Demo + Design

Fully funded.

The WikiCharities platform demonstrates how nonprofits will be searchable by entering the location, topic and/or name of the organization.  

In developing a platform like WikiCharities, nonprofits (and their services) can be searchable to improve connection and collaboration.  The beta platform will be launched in two targeted locations in California and Utah.



Fully funded. 

This stage will allow nonprofits to be searchable by location, topic and name of organization.  A nonprofit profile page will also be available to review organizations at-a-glance and find organizations faster and more effectively.

Many nonprofits focus on a variety of topics. This platform will allow the user to search all relevant nonprofits in their community who offer services for a specific topic.  


Validate + Collaborate

Funds needed:

WikiCharities validates a nonprofit through four areas of transparency; general information, philosophy & approach, financial health, and impact. Validated nonprofits will have the ability to link social media platforms, post projects to get funded, and endorsement other nonprofits to improve transparency.

A collaborative tool will also be available for all approved nonprofits to discuss best practices through meetings, discussion boards and more.

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How will your funds be used?

All funds go toward building the new and innovative online platform for all nonprofits to be searchable by topic and  location. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner and making a huge impact in the world!