Community Pages.

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Launch Initiatives.

Strengthen Communities.

WikiCharities is here to help bring your community together by developing an online page to support your city, county, state or even country.  Community Pages can offer a one-stop place to show what nonprofits are operating in your community, volunteer opportunities, the partnerships nonprofits have with for-profit companies, resources for community needs, grant opportunities and more. Contact us to get started! 

Creating an Online Community Tool

Uniting Communities.

What are your community improvement goals? Contact us about creating a community page to help support your initiatives, goals and to bring unity between residence, nonprofits, and businesses.  

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Create the Right Design

We can help create a design that reflects your goals for your country, state and/or community. Make it easier for your community to find information and get involved. 


Searchable Map

Focused On Your Community

Add a searchable map that allows people to search for nonprofits, services, resources, projects and volunteer opportunities to help improve the community.



Show trusted nonprofits working in your community

Show the nonprofits and community groups operating in your community. Nonprofits on WikiCharities can be validated, and then have the ability to post projects, volunteer opportunities and give project updates on the progress. 



What businesses are supporting the community?

Show what businesses are working to support the community and their relationships.


Community Members

Help local residents

Provide a way for residents to find services and resources in their community. Also post projects and volunteer opportunities for community members to get involved.

Other features

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A Place to Unite Your Community.

WikiCharities can help you create a unique page that fits the needs of your community.  Let us reduce your burden by helping you create a place where your community can find the latest news, get involved with initiatives, read and apply for grants, and more. 

Contact us about getting your community page started today!