Step-by-Step Guide.

$1 Validation Program

Nonprofits can access our annual validation for only $1 ($99 value), when their nonprofit association, nonprofit group or the foundation that supports them becomes a partner with WikiCharities. Read more about how our full partners can access the $1 validation for the nonprofits they support.  What is a validation?

This currently applies to all nonprofits registered in the U.S. and Canada. If you are a nonprofit registered outside North America and want to be added to our database, please read here how to add yourself to our database.

Partnership Program

$1 Validation Video Intro

Learn about the 6 requirements for our $1 validation. 

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6 Steps to $1 Validation

Complete all 6 steps to access our $1 validation for your first year, with the opportunity to renew at the same price.

Step 1: Collaboration

A nonprofit needs to be a part of a nonprofit association, collective, company csr program and/or foundation to access the $1 validation discount code. Have your association or company contact us to receive our discount code.

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Step 2: Social Media Connection

A nonprofit needs to follow us on all social media platforms they actively use.

Instagram            Facebook         Twitter (X)          LinkedIn          YouTube       TikTok

Step 3: Promote on Social Media

Like, comment and share one WikiCharities post on each platform.

Step 4: Claim Profile Page on WikiCharities

Nonprofits must claim their FREE WikiCharities profile page prior to accessing the $1 validation. Complete all items on their first tab, which includes logo, nonprofit status documentation, topic areas, contact information and counties where they operate.  Find and Claim your page. 

Not in our database?  Learn how to add your nonprofit to our database. 

Step 5: Post Logo/Validation Seal on your website

Place the WikiCharities logo on their website (if they have one), linking back to their profile page on WikiCharities. After validation is complete, nonprofits must place their validation seal on their website.

After validation is approved, you can post the Validation Seal & move to step 6.

Step 6: Refer other Nonprofits

Refer 2 nonprofits to join at $1 using your referral link in your profile (under "account" settings). We are still in beta stage, so let us know if you have problems with the referral link in your profile account.

Not in our Database?

Learn about how you can add your nonprofit to our database.