When a nonprofit is validated by WikiCharities, it means they are fully transparent with all 60+ questions within the four sections of their profile page. This includes financials, leadership, board of directors, annual reports, volunteer information, partnerships, funders, and more.

  • Section 1 - Contact/General Information
  • Section 2 - Philosophy & Approach
  • Section 3 - Financial Health
  • Section 4 - Impact

You can review the questions from a validated nonprofit here. We hope to continually refine our validation questions as we find partners, foundations, and companies already working in this space. Please send us an email if you are interested in working together. 

You can see our validation process as a nonprofit 

  1. claims their profile page, 
  2. fills in all the information on their page, and 
  3. then applies for a validation. 

A validation means a nonprofit is fully transparent with all elements of their organization. We then have additional features to allow endorsements from other nonprofits and individuals who have worked with an organization, creating a community for the nonprofit sector on a global scale.

GuideStar and Charity Navigator both exist to help donors make better decisions.  Their focus is the United States and the nonprofits registered in the United States. See Full Article

WikiCharities is creating a global community for the nonprofit sector to inform donors, help nonprofits find each other, and provide a faster and trusted way for those who need help to find services they need. 

What are we currently focused on?

  1. We are developing a global database of nonprofits, where all nonprofits are searchable by name, location, and topic (focus area).
  2. Every nonprofit in our database gets their own webpage, making it easier for nonprofit to maintain an online presence and be fully transparent.
  3. We offer a nonprofit validation, that requires full transparency of all financials, leadership, board of directors, impact reports, projects, and more.
  4. We publish an online journal to help the nonprofit learn about the latest research in their field, The Journal of Nonprofit Innovation.
  5. We provide opportunities to access funding through our referral program, potential grants, and the ability to post projects to get funded.

There are many great benefits for a nonprofit to become active on WikiCharities. 

  1. Services Searchable by Topic:  Help those in need find your services faster and more effectively by claiming your FREE WikiCharities profile page.  Nonprofits receive a free WikiCharities Profile Page to enable the ability their organization to be searchable by topic. 
  2. Improve Trust:  WikiCharities offers a validation to help nonprofits improve trust. Nonprofits become validated by being transparent with funds, linking social media platforms to their profile page, post financial records, and post annual impact reports.
  3. Access to all Features:  Once a nonprofit is validated, they will have full access to additional features; direct donation link, post collaborative projects to be funded, endorse other nonprofits, post partnerships, access to training materials, and more. 
  4. Increase Collaboration: When nonprofits work together, they have the opportunity to improve outcomes, increase funding, and improve communities.

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