Frequently Asked Questions

How is WikiCharities different from GuideStar?

GuideStar exists to empower donors to make better decisions.  "GuideStar Nonprofit Profiles make informed decisions." —Victoria Vrana, Senior Program Officer, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

WikiCharities is creating a community for the nonprofit sector.  We are building a place 1) where those in need can find help faster and more effectively on our searchable map, 2) where nonprofits can outreach to other nonprofits in the same space to improve collaboration, and 3) volunteers can find out about opportunities in their community.

  • Those in Need: One of the reasons why victims of human trafficking don't get help is because they don't know what resources and services are out there to help them. WikiCharities helps those in need find services by topic and location. 
  • Other Nonprofits:  WikiCharities is creating a place where nonprofits can discover who is working in their same space, and then work together to improve outcomes.  By being aware of other nonprofits, and their services, nonprofits can also find resources needed to support their mission.  

Why would a nonprofit become active on WikiCharities?

There are many great benefits for a nonprofit to become active on WikiCharities. 

  1. Services Searchable by Topic:  Help those in need find services faster and more effectively by claiming a FREE WikiCharities profile page.  Nonprofits receive a free WikiCharities Profile Page to enable the ability their organization to be searchable by topic. 
  2. Improve Trust:  WikiCharities offers avalidation to help nonprofits improve trust. Nonprofits become validated by being transparent with funds, linking social media platforms to their profile page, post financial records, and post annual impact reports.
  3. Access to all Features:  Once a nonprofit is validated, they will have full access to additional features; direct donation link, post collaborative projects to be funded, endorse other nonprofits, post partnerships, access to training materials, and more. 
  4. Increase Collaboration: When nonprofits work together, they have the opportunity to improve outcomes, increase funding, and improve communities.