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Last Updated March 5, 2021

Welcome to WikiCharities! Please read through this privacy policy in its entirety before using this site and entering personal information. By using this site, you agree to the latest privacy policy posted on our site. We take privacy seriously and we respect your right to privacy. 

When you create an account for a nonprofit you are associated with on, we require you submit basic information relating to the nonprofit organization such as its goals, and contact information (email addresses, and phone numbers, and website links).  This required information, as well as and other additional information submitted to include any documents, images, reports, and other information relating to the nonprofit organization may be made public on your profile page and on WikiCharities’ website.  You acknowledge that any information added to your account, application, and profile can be used by WikiCharities at the sole discretion of what we deem appropriate.  You acknowledge that all information added to your account, profile, and application can be used on and for WikiCharities’ marketing purposes.  All information entered, except as noted in this document regarding your use of the WikiCharities website, may be seen by the public based on WikiCharities current operations. A basic public profile page will automatically be created for a non-profit entity when you register for an account. 

WikiCharities tracks information on your referrals for the benefit of  Once you register, your public profile will reflect any activity made on your profile page unless otherwise indicated by you from options on your profile page. Your profile page may reflect items which include projects your nonprofit has posted, referrals, donations made by donors, updates on your profile and projects, and other information WikiCharities finds useful for the purpose of

By creating an account on WikiCharities, you agree to receive emails and other forms of communication from By default, you will receive emails from WikiCharities. 

If you link to a site which removes you from this site, this Privacy Policy does not apply and we encourage you to read through the privacy policy of that site. WikiCharities does not control policies from third party sites and the responsibility lies upon the user to read and understand their terms and privacy policies. Note: This relates to third party payment processing providers.

WikiCharities collects certain technical information by using cookies and tracking technology through third party tools and programs. This is useful for compiling information to track traffic patterns on our site, originating IP addresses, pages visited, browser type, and other helpful information to improve your user experience. This information helps us make our website more user-friendly and helps us review needed areas for improvement.

WikiCharities reserves the right to update or modify this privacy policy at anytime. Updates will be posted on our website with the date last updated. Please be sure to check our privacy policy periodically for changes.

Privacy Contact Information

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy, please contact us.