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All resource discounts are based on nonprofits becoming WikiCharities validated and using referral link. Details of discounts are based on the individual partner agreement based on our affiliate program.  Contact Us if you have resources to add to our page.
 List of 100+ Nonprofit Resources

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Nonprofit Resources

Find FREE & discounted resources to support your nonprofit.

Fundraising & Grant Opportunities

Clothing Drive Fundraiser - (FunDrive Program, Receive $10)
Foundation Center - Grant Opportunities
FundrPro - Earn 25% of Credit Card Processing Fees

Marketing & Social Media

Canva - All nonprofits get a FREE premium subscription
Google Ad Grant Program - FREE for nonprofits

Grant Republic - Google Grant Managment ($100 Off)
Nonprofit Megaphone - Google Grant Management

Research & Communication Tools

JoNI - FREE Journal for Nonprofits
Slack - FREE Communication Board for Team

Trello - FREE Task & Project Manager

Goods & Software

Liquidonate -FREE items from companies

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