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Improve Transparency. Improve Trust.

Here are samples, templates, and materials to help you improve your transparency on your profile page. Our goal is to have every nonprofit become transparent with their information to improve trust with funders, volunteers, and other nonprofit resources providers.  

We are building a global database of trusted nonprofits to reduce the burden on funders and foundations as they support nonprofits in their communities and around the world. Please let us know if you have any questions or requests as we develop our database of resources.

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Keep Contact Information UpToDate

Having UpToDate contact information on your Profile Page allows funders, other nonprofits and those who need your help have a greater chance of finding you. Having the latest address in your profile page allows you to be searchable by location on our map.

Searchable Map

List Focus Areas

When you list all your services and areas of focus on your profile page, your nonprofit becomes searchable on our visual map. This allows funders, other nonprofits, and those who need your services to find you faster and more effectively.

Search for Nonprofits by Topic

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Mission Statement

States the goals of your organization and what you do on a daily basis. The mission statement helps your organization achieve the long term goal set forth in the vision statement created by the board of directors.

Answer the question: "Why do we exist?"

First --> "Our mission is to ______ (insert verb with present tense),
Second --> "the ____" (Explain what you do and for whom)
Third --> "to _____" (state the benefits)

Example: Google's Mission Statement
Our mission is to organize (verb)
the world's information (what they do and for whom "the world")
to make it universally accessible and useful (the benefit).

200 Mission Statement Examples

Short Video

Vision Statements

An extension of your mission statement that shows what your organization is working towards in the future overall by practicing your mission statement each and every day.

Answer the question: "Where are we going and why?"

First-->"We envision____" (good place to start)
Second-->State the impact you're making in the world
Third-->State what the world looks like

Example: LinkedIn's Vision
“To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

100 Examples of Great Vision Statements

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Value Statement and/or Value Proposition

A value statement is an expression of the main priorities and values of your business. In this section, you list the values that guides your organization.

You can also state your value propositions. These propositions can help you explain the benefit you are bringing to the world and in your community.

Example: WikiCharities Value Proposition for Funders
To reduce the burden (time and funds) spent on gathering information and maintaining an internal database to verify nonprofits prior to giving.

How to Create a Value Proposition

Elevator Speech

An elevator pitch should be less than 30 seconds.

7 Essentials for an Elevator Pitch
Be brief
Be clear
Make it specific to your audience
Highlight your benefits
Identify the problem and your solution
Make a compelling call-to-action
Extend an invitation to continue the conversation.


Board of Directors

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S.W.O.T. Analysis

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990 Forms

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Financial Reports (Template)

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Financial Goals

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Funding and Funder Transparency

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Impact Report (Template)

Use our TEMPLATE to create your own Annual Report.


Video Creation

Tools can be helpful in creating videos for fundraising, marketing and promoting programs.

Video Service