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WikiCharities Reviews

Cameron Outlaw
A Child's Hope Foundation

“We are excited about the WikiCharities validation, It helps us vet and improve trust with nonprofits especially as we work in the international space.”

Andrea Perry
Guardian Group

"We love our WikiCharities profile page! I’ve navigated a handful of similar platforms and yours is by far the easiest and cleanest, very nicely done."

Kristin Van Wey
CEO / Founder
Let's Empower

"I love what you are doing and it’s going to be such an incredible resource and help to many! So many times I have wished for a way to connect with other organizations. I get so focused on our projects and I wear a lot of hats that this type of vetting and connection would be an incredible gift."

Tonia Tewell
Executive Director
Holding Out Help

"Your idea for this online platform is brilliant. My biggest issue when I have trafficked victims is the lack of resources out there or that I know of."

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Get your project funded!

Get your project funded!

Nonprofits who are WikiCharities-validated can post collaborative projects on their profile page. They can share their donation link directly to funders without any fees from WikiCharities! And, visitors to their profile page can donate to their projects.

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If you would like to donate to a specific project, you can do so! Simply look up the nonprofit in our database, view their projects, and donate directly from our website.

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WikiCharities is partnering with Brigham Young University as the Journal of Nonprofit Innovation expands around the globe.

JoNI  is an online journal for academic research and thought papers on community and global issues.

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