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Why WikiCharities?


Pillar 1

Support Nonprofits

WikiCharities is providing an easier way for nonprofits to be searchable by topic and location. Nonprofits can show their transparency by listing up-to-date information, current goals and financials, active partnerships, and more through our validation process. We are creating a community for the nonprofit sector.

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Pillar 2

Promote Partnerships

WikiCharities promotes collaboration by providing a place to bring awareness to current partnerships, allowing nonprofits to connect with other nonprofits in their same space, and promoting collaborative networks through improving funding opportunities.

Partnerships Needed


Pillar 3

Current Focus Area

Stop Human Trafficking

Our initial focus is to engage all nonprofits working to combat human trafficking, and any related field, to be fully validated and searchable on WikiCharities. This will allow victims of human trafficking, and those helping victims, to find active services faster and more effectively.

Read about Human Trafficking

Helping Nonprofits Connect

Providing a place where nonprofits can connect with other nonprofits, update their latest information, and show their accountability through their own WikiCharities Page.   

Get Involved

We are looking for partners to help us make a huge impact in the world.  Take a look at how you can support our mission in making the world a better place by improving the nonprofit sector. 

Help Victims

Why victims of human trafficking don't get help. WikiCharities helps victims search for services faster and more effectively.