"Your idea for this online platform is brilliant. My biggest issue when I have trafficked victims is the lack of resources out there or that I know of."

"I was thinking about your project recently and am excited to hear that you are a couple of months away from going live. Please let us know what we can do to assist."

"What law enforcement needs is more immediate resources to help victims. Law enforcement needs tools that can be quick."

Arizona and Washington State have attempted something similar to WikiCharities. "This can be useful for survivors, law enforcement, NGOs etc."

"After talking to you, I think your (website) could definitely fill a gap."

"I love what you are doing and it’s going to be such an incredible resource and help to many! So many times I have wished for a way to connect with other organizations but its a tedious job that requires so much research, filtering and outreach. I get so focused on our projects and I wear a lot of hats that this type of vetting and connection would be an incredible gift."