How Many Nonprofits Worldwide?

Number of Nonprofits and Charities by Country

Posted on 2022-05-28 22:37:47
There are approximately 10 million nonprofits worldwide. See a list of how many nonprofits by country.

How Many Nonprofits Worldwide?

by Country

In this article, when we say "nonprofit", we will be including both charities and nonprofits. However, each country could have a different definition.  WikiCharities views a charity and a nonprofit in the same way - for the purpose of engaging both types on our platform.  We welcome both charities and nonprofits on our platform, while both are creating purposeful missions within a community. See "Difference Between Charity and Nonprofit" to read more. The following are guesstimates of how many nonprofits (and charities) are operating in each country. This chart may evolve as we obtain better information.

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Nonprofits by Country

These are approximate numbers by country based on our initial online research. 

We will continue to refine these numbers as we find more exact data. Feel free to contact us if you have more information. 

  • United States = 1.8 million registered nonprofits
  • Canada = 86,000 registered charities
  • United Kingdom = 185, 000 
  •  Germany = 600,000 
  • France = 1,500,000 
  • India = 3,400,000
  • Sweden = 149,000
  • Poland = 134,000
  • Russia = 140,000
  • Belgium = 150,000
  • Austria = 115,000
  • Italy = 68,000
  • Japan = 51,000
  • Australia = 55,000
  • Netherlands = 44,000
  • Mexico = 42,000
  • Israel = 37,000

Unites States = IRS Data by Region and State

Canada = You can contact the Canadian Charitable Directorate for detailed list.

We will continue to improve our data and information. If you have more information than our numbers shown, please contact us. 

We listed all countries that have a significant number of nonprofits/charities. 

Here's another resource that might be helpful.  Global Giving Atlas provides a list of nonprofits by country ($3,125/per country). Or you can simply look at their number. 

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