Announcing: New Partnership

Brigham Young University and WikiCharities partner for good

Posted on 2022-08-23 18:07:32
WikiCharities and Brigham Young University are teaming up to move The Journal of Nonprofit Innovation into the global nonprofit space.


WikiCharities is proud to announce a new partnership with Brigham Young University in running The Journal of Nonprofit Innovation (JoNI), a new publication for the nonprofit sector.  JoNI started in 2021 with the focus of bridging the gap between the academic research and nonprofit practices on the ground.


An online open-access journal for academic research and thought papers on community and global issues related to nonprofits. JoNI is becoming a peer-reviewed journal for the nonprofit sector.


JoNI was created to bridge the gap between research and nonprofits on the ground, bring awareness to best practices, spotlight innovative approaches, and provide an open-access, online journal for the nonprofit sector. 

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