Headquarters Visit (i) Visited headquarters in person and observed actual structure of the building and inside the office. This headquarters is an active working headquarters for this nonprofit.
Off-site Location Visit (i) Visited locations in the field (if applicable). Observed operations taking place outside of the headquarters (secondary locations/off-site locations)
Observed a Project (i) Observed a project operate on the ground and endorse their approach as effective in reaching their mission and goals.
Open to New Ideas (i) Willing to hear suggestions/feedback, review new findings and research, and open to hearing better ways of approaching their mission.
Good Use of Volunteers (i) Observed that the operations and activities of this nonprofit are all related to this nonprofit's mission and vision statement.
Activities Congruent with Mission (i) Operations and activities are related to this nonprofit's mission and vision statement.
Active Board of Directors and Members (i) Met and worked with board members, or attended a board of director's meeting. Board Members are actively involved in the nonprofit's operations.