Spotlight: A Child's Hope Foundation

Headquarters: Orem, Utah

Posted on 2022-04-08 13:35:07
Headquarters in Orem, Utah. Operating In: Haiti, Mexico, Bulgaria

A Child's Hope Foundation


ACHF has the mission of lifting orphans from surviving to Thriving. Read more about ACHF on their WikiCharities profile page.

Services We Offer

We are lifting orphans from surviving to thriving by providing training and resources to orphanage directors and caregivers. Through our orphanage certification program, we connect and equip orphanage leadership to services and resources they need to improve the quality of care the kids deserve.

A Child’s Hope Foundation exists to break the cycle of abuse, poverty, and neglect for orphaned children by training and resourcing orphanage directors and caregivers to provide the best quality care.  


• Nonprofit(s): Espere 

• Community Group(s): We Are For Good Community, Haiti Family Care Network

How Can You Help Lift Orphans?

Of the millions of children estimated to be orphaned in the world, the vast majority suffer from psychological and physical difficulties caused by abuse and neglect. We’re here to support orphanage leaders who want to provide loving, family-style environments where the children can thrive. Thanks to donors and advocates like you, we can help these leaders raise their standards of care in order to more fully meet each child’s unique needs.

Certification Program for Orphanages

Because we assess and certify orphanage leadership as effective, we make it easy for donors to see how their contribution makes a difference at the level of each individual child. They’re able to raise more money and get more support because donors feel confident that their contribution will be used in the best way possible. Here’s how it works:  


From Qualified to Certified

Assuming the initial investigative project goes well, we then perform our Thrive Assessment, which tells us how the orphanage currently operates in relation to 15 categories or “standards of care.” From there, we can determine the most appropriate next steps by developing their Orphanage Improvement Roadmap.